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Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color

Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color

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    wrinkle finish powder coat


    antique powder coating

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Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color

RAL1002 sand yellow antique copper Textured Powder Coating for rebar, bridge


Many customers have simple requirements and are happy with one of the popular color coats that TOPO Powder Coat probably has in stock. We inventory hundreds of colors, including many shades of black, silver, white, gray, blue, red, yellow...Other customers have specialty needs that require more elaborate coatings, such as candy apple red, chrome, or metallics.


At TOPO Powder Coating we have color charts and best advice from  techcians and can help you identify the coating to best meet your needs.



Description Powder coating
Another Name Powder paint,Electrostatic powder coating, thermosetting powder coating
Type Epoxy resin series
Main Material Epoxy resin and hardner
Advantage Good adhesion,good mechanical property,strong coating film,
excellent insulation,anticorrosion,energy-efficient,convenient operation.
Application Field Apply to anticorrosive and insulative products:
Anticorrosion pipeline,rebar,bridge,steel structure,
pylon,tank,marine fittings,electric control cabinet,

switch components,lighting sets.



est Condition Substrate 0.5mm thickness cold rolled steel sheet
Pretreatment Remove rust and grease
Film thickness 50~80um
Curing temperature 200 degree centigrade for 12 minutes
Mechanical Property Pencil hardness ISO 15184:1998,2H
Adhesion (by griding) GB/T 9286-1998,0grade
Impact test GB/T 1732-1993,≥50 kg.cm
Bending test GB/T 6742 ,≤2mm
Cupping test GB/T 9753,≥7mm



Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color 0 Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color 1



When you contact us, we’ll ask about the end use of the coated item.

Is it an exterior architectural item, a race car part, an electrical cabinet, a food tray, or a bracket for your fishing boat?


In addition to the varieties of color/gloss/texture, powder coats come in a multitude of chemistries specifically formulated for the environmental conditions to which they will be exposed. Powders may be thermosetting or thermoplastic, with common thermosets including TGIC (triglycidyl isocyanurate) Polyester, Polyurethane, Epoxy, and Hybrids. With an understanding of the end use, we can ensure that the powder coat you get looks just the way you want and performs as well as it looks.


Inspection Item


Test Standard or Method


Test Indicator
Type A Type B,C
Impact resistance ISO6272 GB/T1732-1993 40cm 50cm
Cupping test ISO1520 GB/T9753-1988 5mm 8mm
Adhesion(Planning grid method) ISO2409 GB/T9286-1998 Grade 0
Crook ISO1519 GB/T6742-1986 3mm 2mm
Pencil hardness ASTMD3363 GB/T6739-1996 1H-2H
Salt test ISO7253 GB/T1771-1991 > 500 hours
Heat test ISO6270 GB/T1740-1979 > 1000 hours
Heat resistance 100°C/24 hours (white) Paul Light character (best)


All the indicators of film features will be down lightly depending on reducing of luster


Rebar / Bridge Textured Powder Coat Resin Materials RAL 1002 Color 2