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Zinc Rich Electrostatic Spray Epoxy Primer Pure Epoxy Powder Coating

Zinc Rich Electrostatic Spray Epoxy Primer Pure Epoxy Powder Coating

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    zinc rich primer powder coating


    anti corrosive epoxy primer


    Electrostatic Pure Epoxy Powder Coating

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    Metal Cover
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    Two-ply PVC bag inside with carton box, net weight 20/25kg
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Zinc Rich Electrostatic Spray Epoxy Primer Pure Epoxy Powder Coating

Zinc Rich Electrostatic spray Epoxy Primer Pure Epoxy Powder Coating


FH-ZP is an epoxy-based smooth satin coating with a high level of zinc, providing excellent corrosion protection while improving the adhesion properties of powder topcoats resulting in superior service life and film integrity.

It is not recommended for exterior use without a topcoat,typically used for garden tools, industrial waste equipment,agricultural machinery, pipeline coatings, electrical switch gear,cabinets and cable ducting.


 Applied by corona electrostatic spraying equipment

 Curing schedule : For single coat application : 10 minutes at 200°C (object temperature). For two coat applications : 3 minutes at 200 °C (object temperature), then cure top coat as per 10 minutes at 200°C

 Optimal film thickness : 60 - 90 um POWDER AND COATING PROPERTIES

 Specific gravity : 2.0 - 2.2

 Film thickness (ISO 2178) : 60 - 90 µm

 Flow out : Good  Gloss (ISO 2813, 60º) : 50-60 %

 Adhesion (ISO 2409) : GT= 0  Pencil hardness(ASTM D3363 ) : 2H

 Direct and reverse impact (ASTM D2794) : >50kg.cm

 Salt spray Resistance ( ASTM B117, 2000hrs) (Maximum undercutting ,2 mm ): No blistering

 Chemical Resistance :Generally excellent resistance to dilute acids, alkalis, oil and most solvents at normal temperatures. APPLICATION SUGGESTION FH-ZP has a higher average specific gravity than standard powder coatings, therefore box feeders and fluidizing hoppers will need to be tested to ensure adequate mixing. It may require increased air pressure or vibration levels than standard 


Test Item Test Method Test Result
Film Thickness ISO2360 60-80um
Pencil Hardness ASTMD 3363 HB-H
Bending ISO1519 ≤10mm
Grid Test 1mm ISO2409 0 Class
Impulse Test ASTMD2794 Pass
Cupping Test ISO1520 ≥8mm
Heat Resistance 1000 hours ISO6270-1 Popping<1mm
Salt Spray 1000 hours ISO9227 Corrosion Spreading<1mm



Technology: Dry method and high-energy ball milling technology, multi-coated layer processing;
Advantages: Better dispersion, longer salt fog time, slowly sedimentation in the coating material
Daceomet/Geomet technology, Zinc-Cr Coating material,
Powder coating and painting for ships and warships, Automotive parts, Vehicle, Iron tower and the like;
Chemical property and features:
In electro-chemistry: compared to the base metal Fe being protected, the Zn will be changed into solution in electrolyte to show the effectiveness, even the base metal being exposed because of the damage of the coating layer;
Sealing and tightness: the corrosion of the zinc powder (ZnCO3 and Zn(OH)2) deposits among the voids of the small zinc particles as filling stuff of the pigment, the electro-insulation makes it show the natures as sealing effectiveness;
Shielding natures: the lamellar powder shows parallel line in the surface of the coating film, as well as overlap and cross each other, which makes the water or corrosion medium difficult to be permeated that shows the anti-corrosion effectiveness.
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